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Christmas Decor is what's known as a complementary franchise. Unlike many franchise opportunities, Christmas Decor has the distinction of being a seasonally based business with the busiest times being October through January (approximately 100 days/year). The vast majority of Christmas Decor's almost 400 franchisees are involved in other businesses. Christmas Decor's services are cross sold to their existing clients. Conversely, new clients for Christmas Decor often become clients for their other businesses.

The company was founded in 1986 by Blake Smith. Most franchisors develop business models that help solve problems for their customers. Blake Smith certainly did this with Christmas Decor, but he also helped solve a problem for himself at the same time. Blake operated a landscaping company but he struggled to keep his loyal and trusty employees busy through the winter months. Then, one day, the lights went on. Literally.

As the premier holiday decorating and professional christmas light installation company in North America, Christmas Decor Inc. provides our clients with captivating displays and exceptional service that are truly second to none. Now so more than ever, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the time and energy to decorate your property and still have time to enjoy the holidays. That’s where we come in…Christmas Decor holiday decorating professionals provide you with a beautiful design, an efficient installation, proactive in-season maintenance, and a timely post-season removal.

Christmas decorating offers individuals and businesses the ability to generate significant revenues during a time that is traditionally slow for many seasonal businesses. The Christmas Decor franchise opportunity provides seasonal businesses the ability to offset their fixed overhead costs and maintain their key employees all year around. They cross sell Christmas decorating services to their existing customer base, while generating new customers with the convenience of our services.

The majority of our almost 400 franchisees nationally were operating a seasonal business when they came to Christmas Decor. They had no prior decorating experience, but they understood what it means to work hard to grow a successful business. Each one found that Christmas Decor was the perfect seasonal business to expand their revenues.

Christmas Decor Franchises have the opportunity to earn substantial off-season profits and supplement the income of their core operation. The average Net Profit reported for the 2013 season was a solid 34%. You can look into most other trades and you will be hard pressed to find a definitive way to earn these kinds of profits. The margins are achieved through our proven system and the best part is, we train you exactly how we do it. We've done the hard work, all you have to do is commit to the system and reap the benefit of our industry experience!

Many commercial accounts join in the holiday spirit and contract Christmas Decor to give their businesses an increased visual presence throughout the holiday season.

Let’s ask Stu Benedict from Mississauga to share his experience as a Christmas Decor franchisee. Stu Benedict, what has Christmas Decor done for you?

“Christmas Decor has been a fantastic add on to my core business. As a lawn care professional I was always looking for ways to keep my employees and equipment busy during the winter months. Christmas Decor has not only done that, but it has also turned out to be a profitable and fun addition to my business. My employees are happy to be busy during the winter months and they love stepping back to admire their own work when they light up the lights! I would highly recommend adding Christmas Decor if you currently have a good summer business and are looking to augment it with a great winter profit producer!”