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Downsizing Diva

Overwhelmed? One word to best describe Downsizing Diva clients. Almost everyone accumulates a lot of 'stuff' in their lives and, inevitably, the time comes when some of that stuff has got to go. Downsizing is never a fun or easy task ...until the Downsizing Diva arrives.

The Downsizing Diva franchisee is a thoughtful person. We're looking for people who love working with seniors and are thoughtful, efficient and knowledgeable. It also helps if you're able to smile, maybe even laugh, when your clients need some light-hearted comforting and help with decision making. Downsizing Diva turns challenging tasks into pleasant and rewarding experiences for all involved, and they do it with care, compassion and comedy!

Downsizing Diva makes moving from a family home to a condo, retirement residence or care community less complicated for seniors and their families. More specifically, Downsizing Diva steps into situations that individuals or families are not prepared to deal with alone. She's not a therapist or a counsellor, though her work is therapeutic. Downsizing Diva reduces stress by providing solutions and guidance.

As a Downsizing Diva you will be helping your customers: Organize their space before a move: pitch, pick, pack, purge, pass along, pamper. Prepare their house for sale - first impressions count and you can help make a home more saleable.

Move their folks - as the baby boomers age and move from large houses to smaller homes, many are going to need help with their moves. This is very much a personality driven franchise. You must be a 'people person' and helpful by nature. This is how Karen Shinn, our Diva in Toronto (ON) describes the work:

"All my life I have loved organizing and working with seniors. As a Downsizing Diva, I use these skills every day. At the end of each project, I know I have made a difference in the lives of my clients and their families. It is an honour to work with people during these times of transition and help them cope with the often overwhelming task of letting go of treasured items and making room in their lives for new experiences.

It might sound corny, but the smiles and hugs make this work extra satisfying. By being objective, we help our clients keep things in perspective, savour the memories and move on. It really is the combination of care, compassion and comedy that helps families work their way through the transition process."