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Friendly Pest Control

Truly Nolen is a pest control company that started in the United States in 1938 and is one of the most stable pest, termite, and rodent control companies in the industry. The name of the company, Truly Nolen, is actually the name of the son of the company's founder. Truly Nolen, the man, took the family business and turned it into one of America's most respected pest control companies. Our longevity in the industry, highly recognizable brand, and wealth of experience truly sets us apart from other franchisors. We're innovators, always striving to provide the best quality and most effective service possible for our customers. By joining the Truly Nolen team, you will not only have access to our service protocols, but also our internal support, training, education, marketing, and purchasing power programs.

Truly Nolen operates in over forty countries worldwide including Canada. We see a great opportunity existing for our high profile pest control company to become the household name in Canadian pest control. If it crawls or scurries in places you don't like, Truly Nolen can help. We give home owners peace of mind, knowing that there are no unwanted pests in or around their home. We do it in the most people friendly manner, using high quality environmentally conscious materials.

Truly Nolen's National Commercial Division handles the logistics of our large scale and sophisticated commercial accounts. As a franchisee, you may be able to service some of these accounts on Truly Nolen's behalf.

Truly Nolen is a leader in pest management, and rodent removal and control. We have been building great customer relationships since 1938 and we know how to meet the needs of our residential and commercial customers. We want to share this expertise by franchising with motivated individuals. We encourage you to review this site, especially our franchise benefits and service programs page, to discover why Truly Nolen is the right choice for you!

Yes, There Really Is a Truly Nolen

His actual birth name is Truly David Nolen. He is a third-generation Truly and he's passed it on to one of his eight children. Other names in the family are Really, Sincere Leigh, True Spyder Luke along with more conventional names: Scott, Bonnie, Michelle and Scarlett. His father, Truly Wheatfield Nolen, founded the business in 1938 in Miami Beach, Florida.

In 1955, following his father's footsteps, Truly opened his first pest control company in Tucson, Arizona. During the next 11 years, he expanded the business into California, Texas and New Mexico.

During Truly's years out west, the trademark yellow Mousecar was born. Here's how it happened: "Our cars were originally red, so we made them look like an ant. From there, we added big ears, I mean really big ears, and a thin tail and made it into a mouse. Over the years, we added eyebrows and the other features that you see today. It really was an evolution."

Brand Equity: The marketing power of the Mouse Car is a major feature of the franchise program. This unique sales car creates a lasting impression on everyone seeing it. We provide access to all marketing products, including advertising spots, brochures, and marketing collateral.

Training Program: Another benefit to owning a Truly Nolen franchise is being a part of a comprehensive and continual training program. On site, online or in class, the knowledge and skills taught by experienced instructors prepares franchise employees to perform at a level of excellence.

Promotional Support and Strategic Planning: Creative marketing, technical resources and business management are all available to aid the independent location. The Truly Nolen philosophy of doing right by the customer is the guiding principle.

Conversion Franchise: Truly Nolen is the right choice for the person wanting to start a new firm or convert an existing business.

Truly Nolen of America, Inc. is independent of any franchise ownership. Truly Nolen is an associate member of the International Franchise Association.

Notice Regarding Franchise Law Nothing communicated in these web pages should be construed as an offer to sell a Truly Nolen franchise to residents of any jurisdiction which requires registration of the franchise before it is offered or sold in that jurisdiction.